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Renewable heat for newbuild homes

Abbeview Renewables are experienced installers who can help you with ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar thermal (solar panels for hot water).

How does it work?

Diagram showing how energy flows through a heat pump

A heat pump works like a fridge in reverse. Electricity is used to extract energy from either the ground or the air and then concentrate it to be used in the house. Unlike other forms of electrical heating, heat pumps are very efficient and with the right insulation you'll notice a massive difference in your heating bills.

Is air source or ground source better for my project?

Ground source heat pumps

A ground source heat pump relies on pipes laid in the ground near your property. If you have grounds or even a large garden then it is the most efficient place to collect heat for your heat pump. If space is tight, we can drill a deep bore hole to run the pipes down into the ground. These works can be more costly and so tend to be more popular for apartment buildings or other projects where the cost can be shared.

Air source heat pumps

If you want a heat pump but are short on space or can't dig up your ground to install pipes, then an air source heat pump could be the answer.

It works in exactly the same way as a ground source heat pump, it collects heat energy and concentrates it to use in your home. An air source heat pump does this from the ambient air rather than from the ground.

Abbeyview Renewables are experienced heat pump installers in Ireland

Whatever the needs of your project, we can help you decide on the right renewable heating system. We can install ground source or air source heat pumps whether you need the heat for space heating or hot water.

So give us a call today and see how we can help you get renewable heat into your newbuild.